Hackman Show Feed horses

Show Feed for Horses

Hackman Show Feed has four basic rations for horses. Each is to be fed according to the age, level of activity and the type and quality of forage being fed.

Why Hackman Show Feed Fresh Flaked Feeds are better!

Better Digestibility
University trials show undigested kernel passage was only 2% for steam-flaked corn vs. 11% for high moisture corn and 14% for artificially dried corn.

More Palatable
Steam-flaking is the preferred method of processing grains for horses, resulting in particle sizes that cause fewer digestive disturbances than other methods of feed processing.

Better Utilization
With increased bioavailability, it takes less feed for growth and activity for your horses.

It all adds up!

  • Higher quality
  • More palatable
  • Better digestibility
  • Better efficiency
Mega Pro 'R' 11%

This high-energy ration is to be fed to mature horses along with good quality hay. This ration contains Albion Laboratories Metal Amino Acid Chelate (MAAC)* trace minerals.

Mega Pro 'R' Horse Performer

This highly fortified ration is to be fed to working mature horses as well as bred mares and breeding stallions. This ration contains Albion Laboratories (MAAC)* bioavailable trace minerals. Good, clean grass hay or legume hay should be fed with this ration.

Mega Pro 'R' Colt Developer

This ration is for colts, weanlings and young yearlings. Feed along with good quality hay.

Mega Pro 'R'

This highly fortified ration with steam-flaked oats and barley, bypass protein and bypass fat to put the bottom and condition on show horses. This ration is fortified with vitamins and Albion Laboratories (MAAC)* trace minerals.

Fresh-Flaked Feeds Feeding Directions:

Growing Horses: 1/2 to 1 pound per 100 pounds of body weight daily

Lactating Mares: 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 pounds per 100 pounds of body weight daily

Performance Horses: 1 pound per 100 pounds of body weight daily

  • All types of horses should be given clean forage along with the above grain rations.
  • Offer appropriate mineral and salt at all times.
  • Offer good clean water at all times.

View Hackman Show Feed Mega Pro 'R' Guaranteed Analysis, Ingredients and Directions for Use:

Mineral are Essential:
  1. Are your horse nervous and unmanageable?
  2. Are your horses among the many experiencing breeding problems?
  3. Are your horses plagued with various disorders or disease?
  4. Are your horses lacking in a normal growth rate, or energy level?

The solution to these problems may be as simple as a change in diet.

It has been suggested that high contents of manganese may be the cause of nervousness and unmanageability in horses; whereas reproduction may be impaired if the manganese level is too low in the horses' systems.

Copper has been noted to reduce the damage incurred by epiphysitis and tendon contracture, and in a few cases, reversed the condition as long as copper was administered in the diet.

The physical performance of animals is affected by the condition of their blood. If they have iron-poor blood, their stamina and capabilities may be greatly reduced.

A balance of minerals is necessary in a horses' diet to ensure good health. Albion's feed supplements can help provide this balance.

Albion's products are uniquely chelated. Chelation allows the body to absorb the minerals more readily and in larger quantities. Maximum benefits from the feed can save time and money.

ALBION Laboratories a World Leader in Nutritional Technology

Albion Laboratories' unrivaled research, many patented processes and highly sophisticated products are recognized and respected world-wide. Albion's extensive work in vital mineral nutrition and unmatched discoveries in the field of chelation have provided the key that has unlocked the barriers to mineral absorption thus permitting the minerals for the first time to more completely perform their essential role in nutrition.