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Hackman Jacket

Attention Customers & Dealers

Hackman Show Feeds will continue to run it Jacket Promotion. There are two levels:
Level one gets a pullover and level two gets a jacket.

Level 1 - County Fairs:
  • Grand Champion Steers, Supreme Heifer
  • Grand Champion Market Lamb
  • Grand Champion Barrow, Supreme Gilt
  • Grand Champion Goat
  • Grand Champion Rate of Gain
Level 2 - State Fairs & Other National Shows:
  • Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Steer, Heifer
  • Grand and Reserve Champion Market Lamb
  • Grand and Reserve Champion Market Barrow, Supreme Gilt
  • Grand and Reserve Champion Goat
  • Breed Champion Steer and Heifer
  • Breed Champion Barrows and Gilts

We are allowing one Jacket per person for each level. We would like a picture (5x7) or of the owner and the animal for display and our website.

We want to thank all of our Dealers and Customers for their business.
We look forward to helping you in the future.

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